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Digital Channel Definitions

Channel DescriptionChannel NamePass This Value for Channels
Traffic that typed in the domain directly, or web traffic for which there is no other channel explicitly set.Direct'DIRECT'
Organic search engine traffic.Organic Search'ORGANIC'
Paid Search like Google AdWords and BingAdsPaid Search'PAIDSEARCH'
Internet website referral traffic.Referral Traffic'REFERRAL'
Advertising from display ads like programmatic and CPM-based banners.Display'DISPLAY'
Leads generated from email newsletters, notices, and other email marketing.Email'EMAIL'
Social Networking like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter...Social'SOCIAL'
Other digitalOther digital'DIGITALOTHER'

Traditional Marketing Channel Definitions

Channel DescriptionChannel NamePass This Value for Channels
Trade Shows, Conferences, Webinars, and other EventsEvents'EVENTS'
Business development efforts and partnerships with other companies.Business Development'BUSDEV'
Leads generated from advertising sent to prospective customers through the mail.Direct Mail'MAIL'
Print AdvertisingPrint Advertising'PRINT'
Public RelationsPublic Relations'PR'
Radio AdvertisingRadio'RADIO'
Outbound telemarketing campaignsTelemarketing'TELEPHONE'
Television AdvertisingTelevision'TELEVISION'
Word of mouth customer and face-to-face social referralsWord-of-Mouth'WORD'
Everything ElseEverything Else'OTHER'
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